Alexandre J Altesse Mysore Perfume For Women


Alexandre J Altesse Mysore Perfume For Women


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“This visit to a market of the East has impressed the senses of Alexander. He liked these powders in bright colors, their softness to the touch. He admired the precious and carved woods. He has let himself be imbued with their majesty, their power. But the most striking was the profusion of flowers. Sewn in crowns, braided in thick mats, they radiated like jewels fragile but eternal. Alexandre.J captured these emotions, slipped them into a flask. On a background of noble and amber woods, the jasmine blossoms. Sensual highness, carnal flower, the jasmine is magnified by the merry fire of the spices and the delicacy of the rose.

Spices, pink berries and elemi, light at first a sweet and sensual fire. In their luminous wake, rose and jasmine embedded in a purple and silky heart, celebrate femininity. Deep and dark, woods and balsams amplify the wake, giving it a chypre roundness.” – a note from the brand.

Altesse Mysore by Alexandre.J is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women. This is a new fragrance. Altesse Mysore was launched in 2017. Top notes are spices, pink pepper and elemi; middle notes are rose and jasmine; base notes are woody notes, balsam fir and amberwood.


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