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Creed Millesime Imperial For Men


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Olivier Creed has bestowed a shimmering glow on his Millesime Imperial perfume. Sunbeam-hued radiance plays over a bottle designed for excitement that opens up a fairy-tale world, a palace from the thousand and one nights. An evening of heady fragrance and delight. Warm, romantic, unforgettable – an experience that dazzles the imagination. Top notes combining crisp fruit accents with the salt tangs of ocean transport us to a palace by the seaside. Mid-notes of Sicilian lemon, bergamot, green mandarin and Florentine iris engulf us in heavenly flower and fruit scents that bewitch the senses. Amber, musk, and tropical-forest base notes complete this uniquely caressing and powerful fragrance. Let yourself be swept away by Millesime Imperial, a perfume that both men and women will find irresistible.


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