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perry ellis oud

Perry Ellis Oud Saffron Rose



Perry Ellis Oud Saffron Rose Absolute Perfume

Perry Ellis Oud Saffron Rose Absolute Perfume by Perry Ellis, A rose by any other name may be just as sweet, but perry ellis oud saffron rose absolute is a scent that can’t be matched by any other product on the market. Perfect for use by both women and men, this fragrance’s makeup consists mostly of floral scents like saffron and black rose. The middle scent notes are labdanum and incense, and the lower notes are made of key hints of sandalwood and agarwood. This is a somewhat new scent, and was released in 2015. Because of this, you may always rest assured that your choice in fragrance is up to date when making this selection. The scent is allowed to sell itself, thanks to the very simple container and packaging. The gentle earth tones emphasize the floral scents, but don’t overplay the visual aspects or the product. By and large, this product is ideal for any event which takes place during those crisp fall days. The gentle scent blends with the surrounding cool air to draw attention to your presence without being overwhelming. Wear this product to a picnic, to a meeting, to work or to any other number of casual occasions to make an excellent impression on those you hold dear.

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